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3 Simple Ways To Tone Arms & Strengthen Core While Pregnant!

We have our days when our energy is on “0” during pregnancy, which really sucks. There are some quick and easy things to do to help you accomplish your physical activity requirements for the day. We must workout at least 30 minutes a day as expecting mommies. This can be walking, cleaning the house, yoga, pilates, weight training, you get the idea. You don’t have to break a massive sweat, just simply move your body! Engage a few muscle groups…’ll be happy you did!

Sitting around just allows us to build fat in odd places, decrease our energy even more and restrict us from getting our “happy endorphins” pumping.

Grab a set of dumbbells and an exercise ball and try these 3 moves!

Marching Biceps Curls–

Sit up tall; wrap core muscles around ribs and hug your baby (engage); curl dumbbells to shoulders as you lift a knee. Return to the floor and lift the other leg and repeat curl. Complete 3-4 sets/10-20 reps

Kneeling Tricep Kickbacks-

Carefully come down to your knees and place one hand on the exercise ball to challenge balance; hinge forward at the hips while engaging your abdominal muscles; pull the elbow back and extend arm from elbow while squeezing the triceps; then bring fist to shoulder. Complete 3-4 sets/10-20 reps

Wall-Ball Pushups-

Stand with feet at a comfortable distance apart. (The further you stand away from the ball, the more challenging the exercise is); make sure the ball is aligned with the torso and not above the shoulders;place hands on the ball in front of your shoulder; pull the shoulders back and lift the chest; bend elbows and allow your chest to open bringing yourself closer to the ball; exhale and squeeze abdominal muscles as you push away from the ball. Complete 3-4 sets/10-20 reps

I hope you enjoy!;)



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